A video series of “Dorothy Doc Short Videos”: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEN34GHqZwenGBLscjSlL7S_c5HLfWpXa&feature=c4-feed-u

Latest Video 6:
In which Tony Grove strips it alllll off for the cause. Fun video set to music makes the tedium of paint stripping pass quickly. (1:25 min)

Video 5:
In which previous owners Angus and Sandy Matthews tell the story of how they acquired Dorothy from her previous owners, to Tony Grove. (2:51 min)

Video 4:
In which three men – two trustees from the Maritime Museum of BC, and Tony – discuss the future of Dorothy at the boatbuilder’s shop. (2:43 min)

Video 3:
In which two of Dorothy’s previous owners, Su Russell and David Baker, answer the question “Why should people care about this old sailboat?” based on their years of having owned, loved, restored and sailed on Dorothy during the 80s. (2:11 min)

Video 2:
In which shipwright Tony Grove shows a friend some of the unique features he’s discovering during his “archaeological dig” through Dorothy. (2:05 min)

Video 1:
Shaw TV Nanaimo “Go Island” program: “Dorothy: Canada’s Oldest Functioning Sailboat”  by Annette Lucas (4:00 min)

Go! Island Shaw TV Youtube screenshot

Global TV News piece on Dorothy (2:00 min)

Global-restoration of Dorothy media

Pacific Yachting article August 2013 “Restoring Dorothy: Canada’s Oldest Functioning Sailboat” by Tobi Elliott. For the full download of the article, sign up to “Follow Dorothy” on our homepage.

Restoring Dorothy - PY Aug 2013 p1Restoring Dorothy - PY Aug 2013 p2