Between Wood and Water

a documentary about the refit and history of Canada’s oldest functioning sailboat, Dorothy. Built in 1897 in Victoria, British Columbia, the lovely, lucky little 30-ft wooden sloop’s beautiful shape and European lines excited attention wherever she went. Currently undergoing a full refit at the Ladysmith Maritime Society, after a structural restoration by shipwright  Tony Grove for the Maritime Museum of B.C.. The goal is to re-launch Dorothy in May 2023, and have her sail as an ambassador for Maritime History on the West Coast.

The Film "Between Wood and Water"

The film chronicles the lasting love affair between men and women and this vessel who have saved her from peril many times over her 125 year existence. Chemistry, care and magic is required to balance a living wooden boat, and Dorothy has lived in the uncertain space "between wood and water" for over 20 years. Now, after the heroic efforts of a small group of committed boat lovers and wood wizards, she is finally ready to return to water, and sail as a proud ambassador for maritime heritage on this coast.

The film is produced and directed by Tobi Elliott for Arise Enterprises. BETWEEN WOOD AND WATER (format 3 x 22 min episodes live action drama + recreation) is still looking for a broadcaster but will consider online distribution.

Get Involved

Over 10 years of documenting her restoration on Gabriola, this independent production has operated on a shoestring budget but has great potential for broadcast. Crowdfunding has supported some hard costs, n addition to support from the Canadian National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Selling T-shirts, calendars and promoting the story through live events has kept Dorothy's story alive after all these years. A big THANK YOU to all our wonderful supporters and those cheering us on!

Happy Sailing, Tobi Elliott Tony Grove and the whole crew

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